Monday, August 23, 2010

Kathy Passed Away on August 12, 2010

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know by now and I didn't intend to write on this again. My sister Maries suggested I make one final entry so I will but I will make it brief.

Kathy went suddently downhill about two weeks ago. We went to the hospital due to trouble breathing and she had turned yellow. I was more worried about the yellow as it reflected liver issues which is where the cancer had been detected several years ago. She had fluid drained from next to her lung but the blood tests came back showing trouble in the liver. We were allowed to go home for Sunday but were told to call our oncologist on Monday to discuss further.

Our oncologist was on vacation that week. Kathy could barely stay awake on Sunday but managed to go to church and hear Jacob's mission return address. On Monday the oncologists finally called and told me that they were sorry to give me such bad news and that they really wanted to talk to us in person. They wanted us back at the hospital.

Once we got there we were told that the liver numbers were very bad and that her "time was short". Once we were admitted to the hospital we tried to find out what "time is short" means but it took us until Tuesday afternoon to find out that it meant a few days to two weeks. Unfortunately, Kathy was hardly able to pay attention and was mostly asleep so I'm not sure she got it all but she understood most of it.

The doctors did their best to get Kathy well enough for a short flight to Utah for the wedding but it didn't seem likely. On Wednesday her kidneys failed and we took her home late Wednesday night. Josh and Tara flew home to see mom and just made it before she couldn't focus on anything else. She passed away at 9am Thursday morning.

I want to thank Mark Forsyth's family for setting up this blog for me. It made it easier for me to track the journey. Thank you all for reading along on Kathy's journey.

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  1. I love you Kathy. Until we see each other again....Camille