Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sinus Surgery Complications and Chemo

Well, just when we thought things were going smoothly and she was all recovered from her sinus surgery she had a bloody nose all night long that wouldn't stop until early in the morning on the 12th. She called the doctor, went back in and they packed her nose with gauze. It was in there all weekend (which we had planned to spend in Monterey) and finally taken out early last week. It even bled all night one night after her nose was packed so they took her off chemo.

Being taken off chemo helps things heal and gets her over some of the side effects of the chemo. So she has been feeling better while being somewhat miserable with the sinus issues. Mixed blessing at best. The downside is that the cancer sees it as a chance to move forward. Last night Kathy told me about a few lumps that had suddenly appeared. Yikes.

Today she had her regularly scheduled visit with the doctor. Her doctor was just starting to tell her we might get another week or so reprieve when Kathy pointed out the lumps. AFter looking more closely at the one Kathy pointed out and another on her neck she told Kathy to start her chemo again tomorrow. Her next appointment is in 3 weeks and if we don't see improvement on these lumps it may mean changing chemo treatments.

Changing chemo treatments is bad. It means one less defense is gone. Also, you don't know what the next side effects will be but probably means loss of hair----again. That is the worst thing possible to Kathy. There are other things like the unknown side effects, the trips to the cancer center to get infusions (the pill chemo has been great) and other things.

I knew we were feeling too comfortable. Now its another reality check. I guess I shouldn't get down until we find out in 3 weeks what the story is. I've learned to not get negative before necessary. This is a roller coaster.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sinus Surgery Done and Recovery Going Well

Yesterday Kathy went to the hospital to have outpatient surgery for her sinuses. They have been bothering her for a year (since the last hospital stay) and have not responded to medications. Finally, they had decided to do something more extreme and go in and do some repair work to something that was done on her last sinus surgery about 15 years ago.

After checking in at about 11am and scheduled for 2pm surgery they were running ahead of schedule so they called her in right after she got there. The surgery was completed before 2pm and her sister Darlene called me and told me she would be out to recovery shortly. I left work and got there about 3pm but Kathy wasn't there yet. After about 15 minutes they wheeled her in. She had a big gause (I can't spell) banadage taped to the bottom of her nose. She looked great!!

She was still groggy for a while so we sat and waited for the doctor to show up and tell us what he thought. That took two hours. By then Kathy was a little more clear headed and certainly more cleaned up. We washed her face off and she changed her bandage to a smaller version of the same thing. She got dressed and still we waited. Finally we told them we were leaving and I went to get the car. Of course that is when the doctor showed up and told her that it all looked good. They didn't see anything else that would cause a problem so we are hopeful this will work and she will not be dripping all the time..............time will tell.

Kathy was in no pain and slept pretty well with that gause banadage at the bottom of her nose absorbing the small amount of blood etc that drained. She says now that the draining has stopped. She is resting and taking it easy for a few days. She is doing well and we are hopeful for success.

Because of the surgery she hasn't been on her chemo meds so the side effects have subsided some. Not as much as I would have thought but enough to feel some relieve. We take the small victories we can get.