Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Treatment Plan Based on CT

How long can a good thing last. The CT scan results pretty much told us that things were progessing in the wrong way and after visiting with the doctor it was confirmed. There is some progression in the liver (our biggest concern) and other places. That means that the chemo treatment with just Taxol isn't doing enough. Our doctor has recommended adding Avastin in with the chemo treatments and still have the Taxol.

Avastin has certain side effects and Taxol has certain side effects. So the combination doesn't do anything but complicate life. She currently has numbness in her fingertips and toes, fatigue, quesiness and a few other ones that are livable and not noticable to anyone else. In fact, you wouldn't know she was suffering unless she told you all the side effects. Fortunately, all these side effects are not keeping her from doing what she wants to do and enjoying life. So it is good.

She is at chemo right now. Will probably be about 3 hours before she comes and picks up the car. Maybe she can take me home with her and I won't have to ride home the 28.39 miles. You see, there are some good side affects from all this.

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

And the CT Results Are........

We got the results back from the Doctors Assistant. Our Doctor is out of town but we wanted to know the results as soon as we could. The good news is that there has been very little change in size and scope. The bad news is that about the only place there has been any increase in tumor volume is the liver which is the area we are most concerned about.

We are pretty sure this will mean Kathy will have to change her chemo mix to add another chemical but won't know for sure until next Tuesday. We will just have to see and then we'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wait For CT Scan Results

One of the difficult things with Stage 4 cancer is the constant tests that are done and the important implications each test brings. Every two months Kathy will have a CT scan to see where the tumors are and whethor they are growing, shrinking, or staying the same.

This last Monday Kathy had another CT scan and we are waiting for the results. If all goes well, the CT will confirm that the tumors have not spread or grown. That will mean she can stay on the same chemo treatment she has been on since the hospital. She has done well with the chemo since the hospital with few serious side effects so this is a big issue. If the CT scan shows the tumors have spread or increased in size she will have to add another chemical to her chemo mix. The problems and side affects can increase substantially with a new mix and you don't know what that will mean for quality of life. In short, the CT scan will dictate our life for at least the next two months.

The goal is to stay on the same chemo treatment as long as possible. Changes mean bad things. It means that the disease is spreading and we need to try another way of combating the problem. Sadly, the disease always mutates and so it is a matter of time before the cancer figures out a way around the chemo and you have to try another line of defense. The end result is pretty certain but it is how long you can delay it and the quality of life you can maintain that determine what you do.

So we wait. Aggravating, draining, waiting. Grinding, depressing, waiting. Dragging, worrying, waiting. Waiting is not a strong suit of mine.

I'll post another blog when we get the results.

In other news. David graduates this weekend. He will be moving in with us for the summer as he tries to get established in the translation world.

Michael's HS volleyball team won their conference and went to the playoffs but got beat in their first game. They didn't play very well. He was chosen as an all star to play in an all star game a week after the tournament ends.