Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Good

Nothing really new this week. Kathy had her second infusion of this cycle. In two weeks she will have her CT scan again to see where we stand. That will be an important day in determining whethor she adds a new chemical (Avastin?) to her infusion.

Yesterday we went to lunch after her chemo and read about the possible side affects of Avastin. They aren't good. One of them is sores on the tongue and mouth which is one of the major things she suffered with in the hospital. We both hope she doesn't get that side effect.

I've been reading about the paranoia of the swine flu. I think in different terms. What about all those chemo patients out there? What if they get sick? I think we will have to be more careful than normal. Too much to lose.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cycle 3 After Hospital Stay Starts Today

Today Kathy received the first infusion of cycle 3 since her hospitalization. She made it thru the critical week without any sickness or complications. She feels good most of the time and the chemo doesn't knock her down.

Last week she met with her doctor and she and Kathy agreed that until the tumor volume or size increases that she should just stay on this treatment and not add another chemical. That is good because she is doing well and any additional chemicals will have side effects. So the decision is that she will go thru this cycle (three weeks of chemo once per week) and then get another CT scan. If the CT scan shows no tumor growth she can remain on the current treatment a bit longer. If it shows new locations or larger tumors or more tumors then another chemical gets added to the mix.

That means another month at least of feeling pretty good. That means another month of happiness (unless of course she gets sick or her white blood cell count goes down or some thing else).

Anyway, this Friday is our 27th anniversary and our two sons at BYU will be home for the weekend. No big plans but we celebrate each of these events as significant mile stones. We are happy to be where we are.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So Good It Worries Me

Things have been going so good with the chemo that it worries me. How long can this keep up? Even with her blood count down (at least it seems down to me) she breezed thru this latest infusion without feeling too bad or slowing her down. In fact, she even invited guests over for a few days (Friday and Saturday).

If it had been me I would have wanted to stay away from everyone to make sure I didn't get sick on this critical time. Not Kathy, she doesn't want anything to slow her down. We had guests over and then she prepared a lesson for Relief Society and stood and taught her lesson with about 30 women in the room. If it had been me...........lets face it, she makes us all look kinda whimpy.

This week there is no chemo. She will have time to get the blood count back up before the next infusion of poison (aka chemo) on the 21st. I believe the plan is for her to get a second chemical added to the mixture. I don't know what that chemical is or what side effects it might have. We will just keep hoping and praying.

The handicap accessible shower in the downstairs bathroom is complete. It looks really nice with the tile we picked out and stuff. We got clear glass shower doors so we can continually admire our tiled shower. Oh yes, we are that materialistic. I think it will work to be able to push a small wheelchair into the shower and have it usable. Hopefully not necessary but we want to be prepared.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Round 3 Today--Things are Good

Kathy got her 3rd infusion today which means she gets next week off. Her sinus infection seems to be cleared up and she feels and looks good. Her white blood cell count is only a 4.5 which is what I worry about because she can't really fight infections much when it is low. It will go down with this treatment so we have to be careful where she goes and who she is around.

Mike caught Kathy's sickness and is in Las Vegas for his school volleyball tourney. He called and sounded rather miserable and knew he got it from his mom. In spite of that his team won all there games yesterday. He got a good nights sleep and feels much better today but they lost their first game. The team is surprisingly good this year after basically losing all their starters to graduation last year. Fun times.

Our bathroom remodel is done as of today. A new handicap accessable shower down stairs for visitors and just in case. It is nicely tiled and looks great. I don't know how much it cost and probably don't want to.

Just as we finished up the bathroom I discovered that there is a leak by our front door that has been there for a year or two and is rotting thru the front wood paneling. It now has to be torn out and examined. Unfortunatley, the panelling from the bathroom remodel has been thrown away. Would have been cheap but not now. Oh well, it is only money. Compared to the other issues in our lives right now it is not very significant.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Kathy has been struggling for the past six months with draining sinuses. This has lead to several sinus infections. The last one occured in January and may have been the precursor to her hospital stay. To say the least they make us nervous.

She is suffering with a cold and possibly a sinus infection again. She coughs a lot and then goes downstairs to sleep so as not to bother me. She is on medication again for a sinus infection and she underwent her chemo infusion yesterday. We are just praying that this isn't deja vu. Every little thing is a danger and there are no small risks. Life is brittle.

Otherwise things are going great. She isn't sick at all from the chemo and it is sometimes hard to tell that she is being treated. Other than the physical reminders of course.