Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good News From CT Scan

I think we got the best news so far from a doctors visit yesterday. Kathy had a CT scan just before we left for Idaho to take Michael to school. We thought the doctor might call us while we were gone but she didn't so we went to the appointment yesterday with our usual amount of concerns and nervousness. But it turned out to be our best visit yet.

The CT scan indicated some of the spots on the lymph nodes on her chest had gone "off radar" or schrunk enough that they don't show up. Also, there was no indication of progression in the liver. That is the first we have heard that in some time so that was the news of the day. The only negative was that there was a little fluid in her right lung that they couldn't understand why it would be there. It could be so many things and the amount wasn't enough to cause too much concern. They will keep their eye on it for the next scan and if it continues they may take a sample (via needle) and analyze. We hope it goes away.

With the results of the CT Kathy will be able to keep on the same medication for about six more weeks. Two weeks on, one week off. Then we will see what is going on. The medication she is taking is oral so it is nice and convenient and her hair is growing back in. She likes that.

The side affects from the current medication is that she has tender hands and feet. She can't open lids on things very well or do intricate things with her fingers such as counted cross-stitch. Towards the end of her two weeks "on" medication she gets sore feet where it hurts to stand up and start walking. But that doesn't last too many days and subsides when she goes "off" for a week. We will see if this continues. She also has to deal with the medicine burn she gets on her arms whenever exposed to even small amounts of sunlight.

Side effects-----they stink. But overall, the results were good and we are happy.