Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Dosage Reduction

Kathy visited the doctor today on her 3 week chemo cycle. She has been suffering more side effects from her drugs. Her non-wrapped arm looks like it has a severe rash and her hand on her wrapped arm does too. It is a chemical reaction between her drugs and the sun. If she is out in the sun at all she gets the rash (or burn). It is annoying but the thing that seems worse is the sore feet she has because of the drug.

It isn't the feet in general, but the bottom of her feet. They are sore and tender so when she gets up to walk she is in pain for the first 20 steps or so and then it gets a little better. If she wears softer shoes it is better than barefoot on the floor. I have to admit it is a bit humorous to watch as she gets up and moves about (cause she can't just sit still). She looks like a grandma and even though that is exactly what she wants to be she looks like an old grandma when she walks. I try not to laugh but I did last night. Now I regret it.

The doctor told her to reduce the chemo dosage. It is a pill so easily done. This is her week off of chemo so we hope the symptoms will clear up some and she will feel a little better.

I guess give the circumstances it isn't too bad. She isn't even complaining yet. It is all very factual about how she feels every day and what she needs to do feel better. So we have to feel grateful it isn't worse.

Kathy will get new CT scans in the next couple of weeks and we will see where she stands. She has noticed some of the bumps and lumps have receded and that is usually a good sign. We'd like to see some of that in the liver, but we'll take victories wherever we can.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Change in Dosage

Well, it has been awhile since I last updated everyone on Kathy's treatments. She switched over to an oral chemo treatment which, of course, if really nice and convenient because she doesn't have to go 30 miles to the hospital to have her chemo. We haven't been on it long enough to know how it is working but we do know what the side effects are.

At our family reunion Kathy started to notice a blister on her lip. This is disconcerting after her hospital stay with so many mouth sores. She was also experiencing tendor feet. Both I think were mentioned as possible side effects. She called her doctor while we were on vacation and they told her to stop taking the medication until they could see her.

Kathy saw her doctor on Tuesday and they have reduced the dosage some and want her to begin taking the medication on Monday the 10th. The lip sore problem has in the meantime gotten much worse. The blister is much bigger and her lower lip seems to be split open some all along the lip. It is sore and she can't eat everything without it bleeding. Kissing is out of the question------dang it.

Hopefully, the side effects will be softened before she starts up again. School starts on Monday as well. Fun times ahead.