Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tired and Tired of Being Tired

It has been another three weeks of medications and this is the rest week. That also means a trip to the doctor, blood tests and a look at where we stand. Nothing has changed. That is the good news and the bad news.

Kathy continues to do OK with the medication. She wears gloves most of the time as her hands are sore and get leathery unless she keeps them moisturized. They are red and achy just like her feet. She can't really open up bottles or cans or anything as her feeling in her fingertips is not good. It makes me more valuable.

Her blood count on the white blood cells is good so her risk for infection is pretty good right now. Her hair is growing back, mostly on the top of her head but pretty much everywhere (like places it never used to but she can't complain because I have more hair in my ears and nose than on the top of my head). The tumors aren't growing so we live with all the side effects.

Her red blood cell count isn't so good so she is border line anemic. She has a hard time getting going in the morning and is always tired. The scary thing is that she is a little light headed at times. A couple nights ago she got up to use the restroom and fell down. It got me pretty excited as she banged into the dressor with her head. She was OK and a little wiser from the experience but just one more thing to live with. They say it isn't severe enough to warrent a blood transfusion or anything which made her cry cause she just has to buck up and live with it. She is tired of living with everything.

The other day in church I leaned over and said what a lousy year it had been and how I was glad it was almost over. She said some good things have happened too. I said, oh yea, name three. She wispered, "I came home from the hospital". Enough said.