Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Radiation and Family

Kathy began radiation last week on the large tumor above her right clavicle. It affects her sholder and next and has been pinching the nerve causing numbness and loss of function in the right arm and hand. Considering that she is right handed the loss has been significant and a real burden. We are glad that her Doctor decided to put a hold on chemo and radiate the spot to shrink it faster.

Once Kathy had seen the radiation guys she knew a little more. It would be easier in time and energy and pain than last time but she wouldn't see immediate results. It may take a month after she completes the 12 days (next Thursday) before she starts to see the tumor shrink. We are just hopeful the tumor does shrink. The bad news is that they can't say that she will regain all or even a part of the use of the arm and hand. When nerve damage is done it isn't easily repaired. We aren't sure if nerve damage has been done or if they have just been stretched. Time will tell. In the meantime we have to be hopeful and realize that if nothing else it will stop or slow the growth of the big tumor.

Kathy hasn't had chemo for two weeks but she still has the same symptoms as if she was. She is nausious some days, tired every day and caughing off and on. Weird. It could be just a general decline but I don't want to think about that. Maybe it is just residual chemo.

We did see some positive results on the chemo so we are anxious to be done with radiation and start the nasty stuff again. It is a two edged sword, cutting back on the tumors but also cutting back on your lifestyle.

The boys all were here for Jacob's mission return. We don't have six sons home often but it was a fun and busy weekend last week when Jacob came home and Josh came home with his fiance (Tara) for the week. We had 10 people sleeping everywhere in the house. I was concerned Kathy would overdue but she has been good about naps and going to bed at a reasonable time.

Josh and Tara leave on Saturday. We will go to Utah in two weeks to the wedding. See, there are some good times amid the bad.

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