Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Down and Going Well

Kathy had her second infusion on Tuesday and she is feeling well enough to go out to lunch today which is a good sign. Not a great sign because she would have to be feeling really really bad not to go to lunch with her friends but it is still a good sign. We like those.

Last week we went to Daniel's graduation at BYU. I wouldn't let her drive at all so she could rest and relax some. I think it worked. She rested and I relaxed some. She seemed well all the way there and back and was able to see the graduation and participate with all the activities. Just needed a nap or two and was rearing to go.

Dan came home with us (in his own car) so we now have Dan, Mike and Matt living at home for awhile. Dan will go when he finds work. Mike we don't know what his plans are and Matt for two more years. The house seems full again and I can't watch whatever I want on TV again. Hey, something has gone terribly wrong.

Kathy's white blood cell count has actually gone up the past week which seems very strange to me but is really great. The danger is when is gets down in the 1's and it was 3.4 last week but 5.3 this week. Weird. Let's just hope it stays that way. Next week is the 3rd in this cycle and then she gets a week off. I hope this time her week off is actually something she can enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3rd Infusion, Risks and CT Scan Results

Kathy had her 3rd infusion last week and then went to Idaho to pick up Michael from school. It is hard to believe his school year is over already.

Since coming home she has not felt strong. She is tired and achy and is having a harder time than she has in a long time. We have been watching her temperature to make sure we don't miss the signs this time. We are both hoping to avoid another hospital stay.

With each infusion her white blood cell count goes down. It was low when she went in last week so it could be almost 0 after the third infusion and could explain her not feeling well. She could be fighting the beginning of a sinus infection or just about anything else. It looks like we are back in the world of worrying about the chemo almost as much as we worry about the cancer.

She has noticed her hair is starting to feel crunchy which, as we have discovered twice already, is the precursor to losing her hair. This is an emotionally draining thing that I can't relate too. Or, I relate to it so well that it doesn't bother me much but is defistating to her each time. This will probably be the last time she loses her hair since I believe we have used up all the known medications that don't cause hair loss.

The good news is that the CT scan didn't show much growth in size or number of the tumors. That was a relief but Kathy was so stressed out about the results and everything that she didn't feel like celebrating. I told her the results couldn't have been better but she looked at me and said, "yes they could, she could have told me the cancer was gone". Well, I guess there is that.

After the appointment at the Dr. I went home with her and stayed the rest of the day. She needed to rest and not take Matthew to the DMV for his Learner's Permit. So I drove him there and Kathy slept in the car while we were in the DMV for two hours. Good times.

We are a bit anxious right now over the possibility she might be sick but so far no fever and her Eyes, Nose and Throat Dr has given her some anti-biotics to fight a sinus infection just in case. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two Treatments Down

Well, we really don't know much at this point. Kathy had her second infusion of her newest chemo cocktail. She did well and didn't let us know she was in pain on Friday and Saturday. That was because we had David and Kathryn up for a fun Saturday and she didn't want to be a downer. Only Sunday did she let us know she had been really tired and sore in the bones and muscles.

Two days ago her sister Darlene sat with her thru her 3 hour infusion. Tonight we should see a little more how she feels. Last night she couldn't sleep and was wired all day yesterday. Funny how these things affect the body. You never know. Kathy says she was up til 3:00am before she could sleep. I'm assuming she took some Adavan or whatever but don't know. She didn't wake me at all.

Next week she gets her CT scans again which are supposed to provide a baseline for this chemo mix. It is a little late since she will have already had two infusions but what can you do. That will be interesting to see once we get the results back. She has felt lumps increase so you know something is going on in there. Hmmm.

After her infusion next Wednesday she wants to drive to Reno, pick up Kim and then drive Thursday to get Michael in Idaho. Nothing keeps her down for long.