Monday, June 21, 2010

Kathy in Hospital but Doing OK

Kathy has been having respitory problems for a couple months along with everything else. On June 8th she went in and had the fluid taken out of the left side around the lung (not in the lung) and we thought that would be all she needed as it seemed to be helping. Last Tuesday she had her new chemo treatment and on Wednesday she was sick which is what they said might happen the first time. She actually threw up for the first time in all her chemo treatments.

Thursdsay she was feeling somewhat better and Friday morning she felt a lot better. But after lunch on Friday she started feeling sick again and threw up again. Very unusual. As she was preparing for bed she took her temperature and it was 102. She called the on-call oncologist who suggested we go into the Emergency Room. We got there at about 10:40pm (does anyone go there in the daytime?) and she was quickly (in ER time, not for anywhere else) admitted to the Emergency Care Room with a separate room for those who need to be isolated. They soon determined she was not nutropenic (low white blood cell count) so not such a risky situation. However, even after getting the fever down she was still not feeling well and they weren't sure about the lungs and fluids etc. She got a big needle put into her back to take out some of the fluid in the right side (I was right there and watched intently) to be tested for infection.

Finally at 4am they told us she was going to be admitted and no more tests for the night. I went home and slept til 9:30. When I got up Kathy had just called. She had just gotten in to her room. I thought she was on her way basically when I left. Sheesh!!

Anyway, she has been there for a few days. They took a CT scan last night and determined that she has a lot more fluid in the right side and it needs to be drained today or tomorrow morning. They suspect some sort of infection in the lungs and the antibiotics are working on that. I don't think she'll be home until Wednesday at the earliest but all is looking pretty good.

What a roller coaster ride we are on.

No chemo this week but next infusion is next Tuesday.

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